Ami sushi is a restaurant run by the Park family since 2006. This is our first restaurant to have a generous amount of support from Roseburg. 

Ami sushi serves massive sized

sushi from the start.
So please make sure of the amount

of sushi you need before confirming

your order.

We have many options to serve

sushi in different sizes.
Such as bite-size which means

less rice and fish, easy rice size,

medium, or smaller size than regular.



Phone:  541-672-8459



We're open 11am till 2:30pm,

open 5pm till late 9pm


12pm till 4pm,

open 5pm till late 9pm


Baked green mussel
Baked green mussel

baked 6 pieces green mussels with spicy crab and avocado

Chicken yakisoba
Chicken yakisoba

Dark chicken meat with wheat noodle and vegetables

Assorted sushi
Assorted sushi
Assorted sushi
Assorted sushi
Mushroom special
Mushroom special

white mushroom stuffed with spicy salmon and tempura, avocado on top